CACI Conditions: Good news for pilots!

Conditions AMEs Can Issue (CACI) is a series of conditions which allow AMEs to regular issue if the applicant meets the parameters of the CACI Condition Worksheet. The worksheets provide detailed instructions to the examiner and outline condition-specific requirements for the applicant. Two of the CACI conditions do not require worksheets and are found in the dispositions table for the condition (see below). If the criteria are met, and the applicant is otherwise qualified, the AME may issue without contacting AMCD first. If the requirements are not met, the AME must defer the exam and send the supporting documents to the FAA.

Bottom line:  If you have these conditions, I will be able to issue your certificate if you meet the conditions specified in the worksheets.

CACIs with Certification Worksheets:

Hepatitis C
Migraine and Chronic Headache
Renal Cancer

CACIs without Certification Worksheets:

Prostate Cancer
Testicular Cancer