CACI Conditions: Good news for pilots!

Conditions AMEs Can Issue (CACI) is a series of conditions which allow AMEs to regular issue if the applicant meets the parameters of the CACI Condition Worksheet. The worksheets provide detailed instructions to the examiner and outline condition-specific requirements for the applicant. Two of the CACI conditions do not require worksheets and are found in the dispositions table for the condition (see below). If the criteria are met, and the applicant is otherwise qualified, the AME may issue without contacting AMCD first. If the requirements are not met, the AME must defer the exam and send the supporting documents to the FAA.

Bottom line:  If you have these conditions, I will be able to issue your certificate if you meet the conditions specified in the worksheets.

CACIs with Certification Worksheets:

Hepatitis C
Migraine and Chronic Headache
Renal Cancer

CACIs without Certification Worksheets:

Prostate Cancer
Testicular Cancer
New address for conducting my FAA pilot physicals:

1151 North Buckner Boulevard #102, Dallas, TX 75218
To get started on the process of obtaining your Medical Certificate, follow the instructions below. Email me if you have any questions.
I perform second and third class FAA flight physicals.

As a physician as well as a private pilot, my goal is to help you obtain your FAA medical certificate as expeditiously and hassle-free as possible. To that end, here are my recommendations:

1. If you are a member of AOPA (and why aren't you?), go to their website and fill out Turbo Medical. This will identify any potential problems and enable you to check out their approved medication list.
2. Go to MedXpress, the FAA's website where you can actually complete your application form prior to your physical. No more paper forms and no need for me to have a "gasp" typewriter! They will email you a Confirmation number which you will then forward to me at
3. I also recommend that you try some online color vision testing sites to detect any potential problems with color blindness.
4. If I identify any potential problems based on my review of your applicatiin, I will delineate to you the documents that will be required prior to your physical. This will help me expedite your certificate. Example problems are High Blood Pressure, Diabetes. Kidney Stones, etc.
5. We will then set up an appointment to meet in my office. I am generally available on week days after 3pm and maybe even on some Saturdays.

Elizabeth A. Kummer MD FACP

If you have a history of kidney stones:

For a single episode of a passed stone, the FAA will need a letter from your physician addressing your “Status Report” and the results of the “Metabolic Evaluation”. I will then be able to issue your certificate.

For multiple episodes or retained stone, please obtain from your urologist the following:

1. A Current metabolic evaluation and status report of your stone/stones.
2. A statement from him/her as to the possible etiology and prognosis;
3. The site and location of the stones;
4. Complications such as compromise in renal function, repeated bouts of kidney infection;
5. Any need for therapy.
6. Report of imaging studies (KUB, IVP, or spiral CT) must be also be submitted.
7. A Statement from the urologist AFFIRMING that the stone appears to be stable and is unlikely to pass spontaneously.

If you have retained stones, you will need a “Special Issuance” from the FAA and they will make the decision to issue your certificate; I will not have the authority to do so.
If the review of your records shows no residual stones and the metabolic workup is negative, I can issue you the certificate without a Special Issuance.

If you have had refractive surgery such as LASIK

If the LASIK was done 2 years ago or longer, the FAA may accept my eye evaluation and your statement regarding the absence of adverse sequela (halos,glare intolerance,rings,impaired night vision and other complications). I will be able to issue your certificate if you meet the vision standards.

If the LASIK was done less than 2 years ago, then you will have to ask your opthalmologist to fill out an FAA form 8500-7. The opthalmologist must indicate that "healing is complete, visual acuity remains stable; and the applicant does not suffer sequela such as: glare intolerance, halos, rings, impaired night vision, or any other complications. There should be no other pathology of the affected eye(s)."
I will then be able to issue your certificate if the report from the opthalmologist is favorable.

If you fail the Color Vision Testing (ie if you're color blind):

I use the Ishihara pseudoisochromatic plates: Concise 14-plate edition: six or more errors on plates 1-11 will disqualify you. Your certificate will then have a limitation stating the following: "NOT VALID FOR NIGHT FLYING OR BY COLOR SIGNAL CONTROL".
For applicants for a third-class airman medical certificate who has defective color vision and desires an airman medical certificate without the color vision limitation, you can go to the local FSDO for a Signal Light Test and Aeronautical chart reading test (called Operational Color Vision Test (OCVT)).
For applicants for a second or first class medical certificate (which I do not give), you must pass the OCVT above as well as a Medical Flight Test (MFT) which is also given by the FSDO.
Again, if you do not plan to fly at night or by color signal control, you do not need to do the above tests with the FSDO. I will be able to issue your medical certificate with the above limitations.