I perform second and third class FAA flight physicals.

As a physician as well as a private pilot, my goal is to help you obtain your FAA medical certificate as expeditiously and hassle-free as possible. To that end, here are my recommendations:

1. If you are a member of AOPA (and why aren't you?), go to their website and fill out Turbo Medical. This will identify any potential problems and enable you to check out their approved medication list.
2. Go to MedXpress, the FAA's website where you can actually complete your application form prior to your physical. No more paper forms and no need for me to have a "gasp" typewriter! They will email you a Confirmation number which you will then forward to me at KummerMD@gmail.com.
3. I also recommend that you try some online color vision testing sites to detect any potential problems with color blindness.
4. If I identify any potential problems based on my review of your applicatiin, I will delineate to you the documents that will be required prior to your physical. This will help me expedite your certificate. Example problems are High Blood Pressure, Diabetes. Kidney Stones, etc.
5. We will then set up an appointment to meet in my office. I am generally available on week days after 3pm and maybe even on some Saturdays.

Elizabeth A. Kummer MD FACP