If you have a history of kidney stones:

For a single episode of a passed stone, the FAA will need a letter from your physician addressing your “Status Report” and the results of the “Metabolic Evaluation”. I will then be able to issue your certificate.

For multiple episodes or retained stone, please obtain from your urologist the following:

1. A Current metabolic evaluation and status report of your stone/stones.
2. A statement from him/her as to the possible etiology and prognosis;
3. The site and location of the stones;
4. Complications such as compromise in renal function, repeated bouts of kidney infection;
5. Any need for therapy.
6. Report of imaging studies (KUB, IVP, or spiral CT) must be also be submitted.
7. A Statement from the urologist AFFIRMING that the stone appears to be stable and is unlikely to pass spontaneously.

If you have retained stones, you will need a “Special Issuance” from the FAA and they will make the decision to issue your certificate; I will not have the authority to do so.
If the review of your records shows no residual stones and the metabolic workup is negative, I can issue you the certificate without a Special Issuance.