If you have had refractive surgery such as LASIK

If the LASIK was done 2 years ago or longer, the FAA may accept my eye evaluation and your statement regarding the absence of adverse sequela (halos,glare intolerance,rings,impaired night vision and other complications). I will be able to issue your certificate if you meet the vision standards.

If the LASIK was done less than 2 years ago, then you will have to ask your opthalmologist to fill out an FAA form 8500-7. The opthalmologist must indicate that "healing is complete, visual acuity remains stable; and the applicant does not suffer sequela such as: glare intolerance, halos, rings, impaired night vision, or any other complications. There should be no other pathology of the affected eye(s)."
I will then be able to issue your certificate if the report from the opthalmologist is favorable.